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Blemish Treatment Pickle’s Potions & Lotions

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This is a 5ml roller ball glass bottle containing Pickle's very potent blemish treatment serum. It's made with: *herbal-infused rice bran oil (willow bark, marshmallow, meadowsweet, burdock) *emu oil *tamanu oil *evening primrose oil *vitamin E *helichrysum essential oil, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, carrot seed essential oil, frankincense, yarrow, manuka, thyme, clary sage, and geranium essential oil. Each of these oils was chosen for their skin-healing benefits. Apply a tiny drop to affected areas twice a day and gently rub into skin. Tamanu oil is one of the most effective cicatrizants - meaning it helps skin to heal quicker, so it is the primary ingredient.

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