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Chisholm for President Pin

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1.25” button honoring the very first woman, first black woman, to run for Presidency of the United States. Go, Ms. Chisholm!

Designed In

Washington, District of Columbia




Brand Values

Women Owned
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Made in USA
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All Very Goods

All Very Goods is based in Washington DC. We started the company with the simple idea that we wanted to create beautiful, high end goods with a focus on representation. We use history, illustrations, graphic design, textile patterns and symbols from Africa, Asia and Europe to create products that are visual metaphors for a shared African American history and present experience. The bandanas are intended to be a conversation with the wearer about identity, culture and personal mythology. Essentially, how we become who we are because of and in spite of the influences around us. The overwhelmingly positive response to the bandanas led to prints and greeting cards. These paper goods use the same patterns, symbols and history in a way that creates a conversation within the home and that can be shared from one person to the next.

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