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Essential Book of Astrology

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Bestselling astrology writer Marion Williams introduces the 12 signs of the zodiac in this accessible full-color guide, presented in a beautiful gold-embossed hardcover.

There is an eternal fascination with astrology, chiefly the 12 signs of the zodiac and what they mean for us in terms of our personalities, our compatibility with others, and what our life purpose should be. This beautifully illustrated hardback will enable you to find out what your sun sign says about you, who you are most compatible with romantically, and how you can progress in life with insights from the heavens above you. Finally learn what Mercury retrograde means and why your moon sign is as important as your sun sign.

• Descriptions of all 12 signs
• Controversies about whether there is a 13th sign addressed
• Moon signs and their significance

This beautifully presented Wibalin-bound hardcover makes a wonderful gift for anyone wanting to dive deeper into the intriguing world ofastrology.

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