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Friday Night Cocktails: 52 Drinks to Welcome Your Weekend

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Friday Night Cocktails is for 30-somethings and, really, anyone who’s interested in a well-made but not fussy homemade mixed drink. The 52 cocktails (plus numerous variations) are made with common ingredients that readers can easily stock up on and keep at hand. Importantly, the focus of the book is “cocktail as ritual” - a recognition that the transition from the workweek to the weekend should be celebrated. Rituals help us define beginnings and endings. And what better way to close the door on the week and welcome the weekend with open arms than with a chilled cocktail?

The drinks include old stand-bys (e.g., Gin & Tonic) as well as new takes on the standards (e.g., Blood Orange Margarita). The message throughout is “Try something new, but be mindful of the tried-and-true.” Friday Night Cocktails is your invitation to slow down and take a moment for yourself.
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