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Good Night, Irene

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Inspired by Urrea's mother, Good Night, Irene follows the story of two amazing women, Dorothy and Irene, who work as "Donut Dollies" with the American Red Cross. They travel from the UK through France, Belgium, and Germany, serving coffee, donuts and morale to the troops there. And if you think that's easy, these women were in the Battle of the Bulge and saw the liberation of Buchenwald.

But it's not all dark. There is a sexy love story with a fighter pilot, and another subplot with mercenaries. It's an anti-war novel, but it is also a novel about women, their friendship, and the bond that forms from experiencing something so searing, you cannot talk to anyone else about it. Urrea's mother died in 1990, and he's been collecting stories and writing this book ever since.

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