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Happiest Book of Little Gifts to Make

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It’s time to play! A Happy Book of Little Gifts to Make shows artists and crafters who like to work with their hands how to create fun, whimsical art.

Keep your hands busy and your mind playing and free of stress with A Happy Book of Little Gifts to Make.

From professional artist Sarah Hand, the author of Art Makers: Papier-Mache, this book features easy-to-follow step-by-step projects, creative inspiration, and prompts—all designed to be done at home using affordable, accessible materials. Best of all, the projects are small-scale, so they are portable, giftable, adorable, and fun!

A Happy Book of Little Gifts to Make includes varied projects done in all kinds of materials, from papier-mache and paper to crayons, paint, and paint pens. With this book, you can learn to make:

  • Dioramas
  • Papier-mache creatures
  • Pop-up cards
  • Cotton dolls
  • And much more
Throughout the book, find tips for having fun and relaxing as you create, plus creative inspiration and prompts

so that you can use this book as a starting point for art projects you devise on your own. After a stressful year (or decade?), everyone needs to have fun and let loose, and what better way than with art that can be created at home and with materials you already have?

The small size of the projects makes them manageable even for beginning crafters and artists, and kids will love working on the projects too (possibly with a little adult help). The art is adorable and whimsical and appeals to artists of all ages and skill levels, including beginning crafters, DIYers, crafty families, and more.

Grab your paper, paints, and more and then set up at the kitchen counter to start your stress-free creative life with A Happy Book of Little Gifts to Make from a professional artist and instructor.

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