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How to Lose Friends and Influence No One

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What happens when a celebrated "caterer to the stars" (and incessant people pleaser) begins to REALLY ponder "what's it all about?" Mary Giuliani deconstructs her ever-evolving existential internal conversation in this new collection of essays, beginning when all the world (and all the stars) are ordered to stay home. Armed with an arsenal of pigs in a blanket and what felt like all the vodka in Manhattan, Mary begins her deep look into what it's finally like to get what she thought she always wanted: peace. Never one to hold much back, Mary invites the reader on this journey as she reexamines life when the proverbial party appears to be over. With space and time to finally stop and take stock of "how did I get here?" Mary shares stories about the businesses she built, the relationships she endured and nurtured, the chronic illness she avoided and the stars with whom she's smoked. We laugh, cry and stumble with Mary as she makes some poignant and hilarious revelations while awaiting for her beloved New York City to rise from its slumber. But will Mary (or New York City) ever be the same? Is the party over or just a new beginning?"

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