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Touch & Feelings Calmer Llama

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Written by a child psychologist, this adorable touch-and-feel book introduces children to the concept of relaxing and feeling calm and offers tips on how to achieve this feeling.

Recognizing and dealing with emotions is an important part of a child's development, and this tactile touch-and-feel book is an excellent introduction to the concept of taking time out to relax and feel calm. Written by a child psychologist who specializes in children's emotions, Calmer Llama explores the things that make the adorable llama character can do to feel relaxed. The llama enjoys being in nature and taking deep breaths to feel ready to take on the day again. Includes a child-safe mirror so children can see exactly how they look when they're calm—and excited!

Series Overview: The books in the Touch & Feelings series introduce the youngest children to emotions with the help of adorable animal characters through simple language and relatable situations.

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