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Votes for Women Large Pennant

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This is a special one. I have never done a straight reproduction pennant before this one. A couple of years ago I saw an episode of History Detectives on PBS and they did a segment on this pennant. I loved the pennant. I loved the history of it, the look of it and the place it has in our current world. I decided then that I should make a reproduction of it.

After several starts and literally a couple of years I finally finished it. It took so long to dutifully redraw the original logo and type and I got frustrated with the poor pixeled images I had to work from. Along the way I learned a lot about the image though. It’s of a statue created by Ella Buchanan. She was born in Canada and moved to Lar Mars Iowa as a child. Her family then took her to Springfield Illinois and Pittsburg Kansas because her father owned newspapers there. She ended up being Pittsburg’s first librarian until she quit to study and eventually teach at the Chicago Art Institute. At some point she made this statue ‘The Suffragists Arousing her Sisters’.

Here is a description I found off an old postcard of the statue.

Central Figure: The Suffragist
Degradation: fallen, her right hand upon the foot of
Vanity: who is unmoved; simpering.
Conventionality: listless, averted face, eyes closed.
Wage Earner: kneeling appeals to the suffragist for help.

Photogravure post cards and cast statuettes
Copyright, Ella Buchanan, SC 1911

From what I can gather, cast of this statue were made and along with pennants and postcards of illustrations of the sculpture were used to possibly raise money and spread the word of the Votes for Women suffragist movement. This pennant is an example of one of the pennants made during this time. I cannot be sure of all of this because I am not a historian and information online is spotty, but this is what I have gathered.

I hope you enjoy my reproduction of this pennant. I tried to keep the design as close to the original as possible. There were many variations of the Votes for Women pennants, but this is as close to this one as I could get it. It seems like the originals were usually more like 34” long instead of my 9” X 22” standard size, but I needed it to fit with my existing packaging.

This pennant is hand printed on maroon stiffened pennant felt with yellow ink. Yellow felt trim has been sewn on to complete the look.

I have now added a black on yellow felt. I have found that the purple was more militant and the yellow more mainstream.
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