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Death Comes In Through The Kitchen

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Havana, Cuba, 2003: Matt, a San Diego journalist, arrives in Havana to marry his girlfriend, Yarmila, a 24-year-old Cuban woman whom he first connected with because of her food blog. But Yarmi isn't there to meet him at the airport. When he hitches a ride to her apartment, he finds her lying dead in the bathtub.

The police and secret service have him down as their main suspect, and in an effort to clear his name, Matt must embark on his own investigation into what happened to Yarmila. The more Matt learns about his erstwhile fiancee, though, the more he realizes he had no idea who she was at all-but did anyone?

Insight into late moment in Castro's Cuba. Author is Cuban-born; now lives in US. Packed with atmospheric details drawn from her heritage. Title is a spin on a Cuban proverb.

Novel is a standalone right now, but the author is working on a tangential book with the same Santeria detective.

NOT a cozy. Author inspired by Cara Black.

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