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206 A Street

McGregor, Iowa 52157

PHONE: (563) 873-3357

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See what some of our favorite people have to say!

The greeting cards at the Paper Moon are so cute that my grandma used to put post-it notes on the inside of them, instead of writing in them, so they could be easily re-gifted to someone else! <3 I also appreciate that every time we go, it seems you ladies have something cool/special to show us all from behind the counter as we're checking out!! (Last week, we were talked into tasting a dead-fish-flavored jelly bean!!) We love the Paper Moon!

Cheri M.

Well, where should I start? With White's Antiques down the street, or Stone Balloon, or Paper Moon? I love visiting your store in whatever form it's taking at the time because you always have really fun, cool, funny, useful, clever stuff for me to browse through and buy! My strongest memory is helping to clean up Paper Moon after the big flood - what a task you all had, and you made it even better afterwards. You are just the best!

Sally W.

My family has been coming to Paper Moon for as long as I can remember (I'm almost 23 now). It was always the highlight of the trip from our home in Waterloo or Iowa City, Iowa up to Genoa, Wisconsin to see my great grandparents. I loved seeing the cats every time! I have two "I pet Mitchum" shirts. Every friend and significant other has been brought there to experience your store. Some of my favorite books and cherished items have come from your store. I live in Indiana now but will always make one trip a year through McGregor to stop at Paper Moon and of course go crazy finding cool things to bring home on my way up to apple fest in Gays Mills, Wisconsin. You would recognize my mom, dad, sisters, and grandma for sure.

Ms. E.

My nephew is disabled and can't do anything for himself BUT he has a huge personality and absolutely loves to be read to. Thankfully I can always find the perfect gifts for him at the Paper Moon! Recently while shopping at your store, my Mom decided to purchase those Bamboozled Jelly Beans for my niece. Later that day my unsuspecting husband asked my niece to share a couple of her jelly beans with him. Straight faced, she gave him the dead fish and spoiled milk beans. Boy did we ever have some good laughs at his reaction and the fact that he got pranked by a sassy 7 year old! Needless to say, she avoided a detention because she attends a different school. (Joking about the detention, of course!)

Brandi C.

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