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How to Forage for Wild Foods without Dying Journal

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This seasonal journal for tracking the locations and dates of foraged foods Includes essential foraging guidelines and an extensive table of edible plants and mushrooms for each season.

How to Forage for Wild Food without Dying: The Journal is an easy way for foragers to keep track of their foraging finds, where they found them, and at what time of year. By tracking what they collect, foragers can become more adept at locating their favorite wild foods in future years. They also become more educated about how weather patterns affect the availability of wild-harvested plants and mushrooms.

Throughout the book, author and expert forager Ellen Zachos offers essential advice for safe foraging and extensive lists of wild edibles and mushrooms for each season. These act as seasonal prompts, so that readers know what foods to be looking for at each time of the year, and as a way for readers to plan their future foraging adventures. The journal is the same trim size as How to Forage for Wild Foods without Dying and How to Forage for Mushrooms without Dying and features rounded corners for durability, an easy-to-clean cover, elastic closure, and lay-flat binding.
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