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Jane’s Endangered Animal Guide

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Whether it swims, swings, swoops, or sprints, learn about animal endangerment in Jane’s Endangered Animal Field Guide. A scrap-book-style endangered animals book and activity-guide combo, your kid animal scientist can dive right in and learn in a fun, new way!

Learn About Animal Endangerment with Jane (Ages 7-10)

Foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall

Inspired by the Apple+ TV series, Jane, readers join Jane as she dives deep on 10 different endangered species, with facts about how they live, what they eat, and what makes them amazing, while also taking a real look at the challenges they are facing, what is being done to help them, and how we all can work together to save them.

If your kid animal scientist enjoyed The Leaf Detective, Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids, or the Dino Dana series, you’ll love Jane’s Endangered Animal Guide.

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