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Visual Timelines: Science: Inventions and Discoveries Year by Year

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This book is a time machine!

Young readers can take a thrilling ride through the history of science - a true-life tale full of twists and turns, unforgettable people and unexpected revelations.

Written by award-winning science writer Anne Rooney, this highly visual full-color guide sets out information concisely and with clarity, accompanied by with beautiful illustrations. Discover how our world has been radically transformed by chemistry, biology, and physics - from the discovery of fire and the spoked wheel, right through to genetic engineering and the Information Age.

• Stone Age: early humans, creating fire and using tools
• Ancient civilizations: early writing, astrology and medicine.
• The Medieval and Modern periods: the Renaissance, the Solar System and the Plague
• 18th & 19th century: the Enlightenment, vaccinations and evolution
• 20th century: World Wars, computers, and the space race
• Contemporary life : the internet, genetic engineering and Covid-19

Featuring figures such as Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie and Ada Lovelace, this is a great way for readers to discover the history of science, or to reinforce their understanding by putting facts in context and developing a sense of chronology and perspective.

An illuminating read for young people aged 8+.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Visual Timelines series introduces children to the history of human and scientific development, using engaging, richly illustrated timelines to pick out major events and put them in context.

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